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So is this really me writing this blog or is it AI? This has become so popular now and I am reading about it all over the place. I’m not really sure if I should call it AI or chat box or GPT.   It seems to have so many different names.

Are we becoming too reliant on technology? How could AI reproduce those great classics that we’ve read over the years. Experts say they can but I don’t know. I’m in a wait and see position.  

It certainly is changing the way we do life and the way we do business and I wonder if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Anybody who has tried to do an email or write an article by speaking into your phone will know that the damn thing is not correct all the time. Add to that the fact that you might have a funny accent like me and the thing doesn’t understand you at all. You have to train it to get to know your accent and frankly who’s got time for that.

Maybe I’m just lazy in a way because I know that I can probably type faster than I can speak having been a court stenographer and legal secretary for many years before I got into the travel business.

But let’s not be too intimidated because AI isn’t quite there yet. A research scientist wanted to see how good AI is at putting together recipes. So she fed 300,000 recipes into the AI and then asked it to produce a new recipe using the knowledge it had gained from all the other ones. This is what it came up with.

Beothurtreed Tuna Pie.” Want to make it? You’ll need the following ingredients:

“1 hard cooked apple mayonnaise”

“5 cup lumps; thinly sliced”

“Surround with 1½ dozen heavy water by high, and drain & cut in ¼ in. remaining the skillet”

Yeah, I don’t think McDonald’s has anything to worry about there. I would hate to think what they would turn out for a big mac.

As far as the tourism industry is concerned, i don’t really think robots are going to catch on either. A big hotel in Japan installed robots instead of real bellhops and ended up firing the lot of them. Apparently they annoyed the guest by banging into the walls.  Even worse than the bellhops were the in-room assistants. One robot kept waking up the guest because he was snoring so the robot kept saying “I’m sorry I didn’t catch that.”. 

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Yep, I think our jobs are safe for a while yet.


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