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Barbie Overload

Do you remember playing with Barbie dolls when you were young?  It was the number one thing to put on your Santa list and when you got that new Barbie – what fun.  I honestly don’t think I ever thought, as a child, that Barbie didn’t look like my mom or my friends’ moms.  Of course she didn’t look like me – I was 8.  No boobs.  No high heels!  Now there is so much out there that Barbie has become politically incorrect – but she is still popular and the new Barbie movie proves that.  Now the travel industry is climbing on board with Air BnB special Barbie rentals. 

Barbie fans have another reason to rejoice as Airbnb is offering an extraordinary opportunity to vacation in a private Malibu mansion decked out in the classic doll’s signature pink. It’s been recently updated by ‘Ken,’ our favourite beach-loving hunk, with a spicy Western twist, reports People.

Really?  Are adults honestly going to pay to stay in an Air BnB decorated like this?

blog barbie overload 01

I can understand an 8 year old girl wanting to experience living like Barbie but adults paying out of their wallets for this?  Sheesh.  Today’s world never ceases to amaze me!

Of course the traditional Barbie has come under a lot of fire these days because of her long legs, minute waist and those perky boobs.  Very unrealistic say people and this is damaging to young girls because getting a Barbie doll means they aspire to be like the doll.  I guess that has some truth to it but honestly as a young kid getting Barbie dolls (and I had a whole box of them) I didn’t really think that way.  She just didn’t seem that real.  I was quite happy to remove random limbs and in fact had a box full of arms, legs and a couple of heads.

Barbie has grown up a lot – she used to look like this.

blog barbie overload 02

Now Barbie comes in all shapes, sizes and colours.  Just like us.

blog barbie overload 03

There is no doubt that the new Barbie movie is creating a lot of interest – especially as it is with real actors and not cartoon characters.  There is talk of theme parks and more on the horizon.  Wow – wish I had looked after my Barbie dolls now.  Think how much they would be worth.  But what 8 year old can get a new Barbie doll for Christmas and not rip up the packaging, get the doll out, immediately undress her and then cut her hair.  My mom’s face!!!


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