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Any Plans for the Rest of the Evening?

How many times have you heard that when you are at a restaurant and the server asks you that?  You are more likely to hear it if you are fumbling with the point-of-sale thingy and trying to figure out how much of a tip to give – because you are doing this right under his or her nose.  You’re embarrassed – the server is embarrassed and therefore defaults to page 3 of the Training Manual for Servers …. make pleasant conversation e.g. any plans for the rest of the evening?

I thought this was a uniquely Canadian thing but my week in Scotland has proved to me that it is not.  Maybe it came up more often because we were fumbling with the machine trying to work out whether we should be charged in Pounds or Dollars (go for the pounds – it is less shocking in the moment – you can be shocked when you get home and check your statement).   

When dealing with tourists it is probably better to ask Any plans for the rest of the week – and boy did we have plans.

We spent 3 days in Edinburgh and thanks to jet lag got to take a hike to the top of 

Arthur’s Seat early in the morning.  We also did the obligatory Edinburgh Castle Tour (which was fascinating and well worth it) as well as a tour around Holyrood Castle.  The Royal Mile was PACKED but the weather was co-operative and the haggis was DELICIOUS.

Talking about haggis I heard one American restaurant guest ask the server what actually is haggis. His reply was that it was made with sheep’s intestines.  Not really a Michelin moment – needless to say the shocked lady did not order.  Haggis is so much more than that and all I can say is try it.  Remember that Anthony Bourdain used to say you should try all sorts of foods around the world because each of those foods is near and dear to that countryman’s heart.

Then a quick train ride up to Inverness which did not disappoint.  What a lovely town.  The air was fresh and clean and I could easily have spent a week there.  I managed to get in a tour of Culloden Battle Fields and Fort George – as well as an intense history lesson.  I have to go back now and do some studying – this British Royal family is complicated.

Just as well the server didn’t ask me what I was doing for the rest of the week otherwise we would both still be there.  I am heading off to Copenhagen to go for a ride on the brand new Explora I cruise ship from there to Iceland.  Luckily along the way I get one more chance at the haggis with a stop in the Shetlands.  Yay.

So what are you doing for the rest of the week?   😆 


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  1. We enjoyed our long stay vacation in Spain just before Covid! Nov. 2019..
    We are 80 plus, so used public transport a lot to see many, many places. It was clean, quiet and very cheap. The local people are friendly and helpful.
    The only part was the 9 hour flight to Amsterdam! ENJOY

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