Agency Fees For Cancellation and Ancillary or Additional Services

1. Basis and Application of Our Fees

    1. When a reservation for Travel Services is cancelled, the Agency necessarily incurs disbursements and the additional costs of its consultants and accounting staff who process the cancellation and customer refunds. In addition to these direct costs, cancellation of Travel Services usually results in a financial cost to the Agency arising from the loss of commission that would otherwise be available as compensation to the Agency and its consultants for their time and expertise in advising on and booking travel arrangements on a customer’s behalf;
    2. Similar costs to those referred to in 1.1 may also be incurred by the Agency when a customer, either before or during their trip, requests a variation to or other assistance with their travel arrangements such as an extension or early return, change of itinerary or accommodation, assistance relating to an insurance or medical issue or the like;
    3. Having regard to the above, the relevant fees and disbursements set out in Schedule A will apply in the event of a reservation made through the Agency being cancelled by a customer (either through the Agency or directly by the customer) as envisaged in 1.1 or any additional work being requested by a customer as envisaged in 1.2. These Agency fees and disbursements are in addition to any cancellation fees, penalties or other charges that may be due to the Suppliers of any cancelled Travel Services as provided in the Suppliers’ own terms and conditions. (Available on request)

2. How Agency Fees are Charged

    1. The applicable fees and disbursements will be invoiced with reference to the Agency Schedule of Fees that applied at the date when the customer booked the travel arrangements to which the cancellation, variation applies. Most fees are specified as a set amount on the Schedule but, where they are based on time spent, the invoice will include a summary of the attendances by the consultant or other members of staff who dealt with the matter.
    2. The fees and disbursements referred to in 2.1 will be payable upon invoicing. The Agency however reserves the right at any stage to require a deposit to cover anticipated fees where it determines, in its discretion, that a considerable amount of work will be required to complete the services and/or that it will incur substantial disbursements. Where there is a current credit card on file for the travel arrangements to which the cancellation, variation or additional service applies, the amount of the invoice will be charged to that card by the Agency.

Schedule of Fees for Cancellation, Variation and Additional Services

In this Schedule the following terms shall bear the meanings assigned to them below:

Package Reservation” – means a single reservation for Travel Services that includes only the flights and a hotel, resort or similar accommodation at one destination. Additional components will be regarded as Ancillary Travel Services even if booked with the same supplier;

Cruise Reservation”- means a reservation for an ocean or river cruise with or without flights. Additional components will be regarded as Ancillary Travel Services even if booked with the same supplier;

Flight Reservation” means a reservation for flights only, including the return flights on the reservation, but does not include connecting, internal or additional flights that are separately ticketed. These shall be regarded as separate flight reservations.

Customised Reservation” – means a reservation that has been customised to meet the individual requirements of a customer;

Ancillary Travel Services” means hotel reservations, transfers, car hire reservations, local tours, train reservations, restaurant and show reservations, theme park passes and similar reservations;

Insurance Policy” means a travel insurance policy that is obtained through the Agency. (PLEASE NOTE – Cancellation would generally only be possible for Out of Country Emergency Medical policies and prior to departure).

Additional Service” means a service that is requested by a customer such as seat selection that is not included when the reservation is made, the provision of copies of documents for an insurance claim, assistance in dealing with supplier refunds, assistance with an insurance claim, assistance in destination, assistance with rebooking a hotel, flight or other arrangements, any service relating to the variation of a reservation already made and any other similar service;

Disbursement” means the actual cost as charged to the Agency of any disbursement incurred in providing the above services including long-distance telephone calls, mailing and courier costs, bank charges, fees charged for assistance to the Customer in destination and similar costs.

Updated:  2024/04/10

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