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A Whale of a Pet!

Have you ever had your kids pleading with you to adopt a pet?  Could be a bunny, or a kitten or even an old dog that needs a home.  How many kids have asked if you could adopt a penguin?  I am currently in Antarctica and absolutely revelling in this unspoilt paradise and of course sending cute pictures back to the family.  I am not sure what it is about penguins but they seem to capture everyone’s hearts.  They are just SO funny.  There are lots of films about penguins and no wonder.

So when we got the request for us to bring home a penguin it was hard to say no.

Granddaughter – put one in the suitcase for me plz and i will have the tub ready for his return

Me – they stink

Granddaughter – they are cute …. I would like just one. Just an egg.

Me – Meg, I suggested to this Gentoo that he should come to Calgary to meet you – but he just stormed off in a huff.  Sorry!

Penguin 01

Me – I enquired about this little one as well but she’s still too attached to her family.  I will keep looking!

penguin blog 01

Me – this little chin strap is auditioning for the part.  Is it a yes?

penguin blog 02

Granddaughter – I would welcome all of them!

Me – his buddies just laughed and laughed!


And what about the whales? Can you adopt one of those? Well, in a way you can, if you happen to take a photo of a whale, go to happywhale.com and submit your photos and they can work to identify that particular whale and you can then track your new friend all around the world wherever he or she travels to.  You’ll have a whale of a good time.

Ugh sorry…that was not even slightly funny 🤣


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    1. They are gorgeous. So gorgeous. In fact, my grandchild wanted me to bring one home for her as a souvenir. Can you imagine?

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