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2022 Idiots

Wow, there were certainly lots of travel incidents that took place during 2022 – and I am not talking about schedule delays, lost luggage or cancelled flights. Some people worked hard to get Idiot of the Year Award – and the Globe and Mail compiled a list of some of the most hilarious and unbelievable stunts in 2022’s travel calendar.

Here are just a few –

The Not So Sneaky Smoker Award

… goes to the Bangkok-bound passenger on an El Al flight from Israel who squeezed into an onboard washroom for a sly cigarette. Within seconds, the toilet smoke alarm sounded – and in a panic, he tossed the offending butt into the tiny trashcan. Unfortunately, the bin was jam-packed with highly combustible tissue paper, igniting a fire that triggered a full-scale scramble from extinguisher-wielding attendants. According to The Jerusalem Post, their rapid response meant the undamaged plane could continue on its route, while the passenger presumably avoided eye contact and chewed nicotine gum for the rest of the flight.

Can you imagine being on that flight?

The Queen Of All She Surveys Award

… goes to the over-entitled visitor at the revered Mayan pyramid El Castillo in Mexico’s Yucatan region. Despite a longstanding prohibition on scaling the 25-metre-high monument, she clambered up its ancient staircase for some arms-out-stretched photos, before dancing and waving her hat at the crowd as she grandly returned to terra firma. Documented by the Daily Mail, her descent was met with what she may have thought were cheers, but which was actually an angry crowd shouting “jail, jail, jail” followed by a hail of well-aimed water bottles and a waiting honour guard of security officers.

idiots 01

t really makes me amazed as to what people will do to “go viral”. Remember the woman who filmed herself hitting a golf ball into the Grand Canyon – followed by the golf club which she tossed over the side as well. This film was published on Facebook and resulted in a fine for the lady golfer.

And I bet you don’t know what phone pinching is. Well I certainly didn’t until I looked it up. This is what I read – Extreme phone pinching is the latest trend sweeping social media networks, and it involves holding your expensive phone over perilous locations. The only rule appears to be that you can only hold onto your gadget using only your thumb and forefinger.

Well the first thing that comes to mind is how the hell do you take a picture on your cell phone if you are holding it using just your thumb and forefinger?

idiots 02

or this

Imagine – hey mom. This is what the sewers of Budapest look like. Why thank you son, I always wanted to know. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

I have a bad enough job of trying to take a selfie let alone hold my phone like that AND take a photo at the same time. Wow!


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