Travel Insurance

For peace of mind we recommend travel insurance on every trip, whether for business or for pleasure.

Please click on the Manulife Insurance banner below to view the insurance coverage available and to read the policy documents. If you are ready to purchase insurance you can also obtain a quote and purchase insurance on the Manulife Insurance site linked to the banner.

If you have any questions at all, please e-mail us at

True Story

You may not think paying that extra money for travel insurance is worth it. I mean, why pay for something you might never use, right? Wrong! You may not think anything can stop you from going on your holiday...but what happens if you break your shoulder? Maybe something completely beyond your control about a volcano?

Think about it just a bit longer before you say "No" to travel insurance.

The Travel Lady

Lesley is proud to recommend The Travel Lady Agency. Founded in 1995 and based in Calgary Alberta we have grown into a mature specialist leisure agency with expertise in customised vacations to Africa, South Pacific and Europe. Our CLIA certified cruise consultants have personally inspected and cruised on the top rated ships - from mega large to super small luxury. You deserve mature and experienced travel consultants working on your very special vacation time.